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Extend the reach. What is compelling about what you are doing? Who can help get the word out? What do they need to know to want to share?

I am seasoned in developing and disseminating advertising, media, and public relations strategy and content. I know how to highlight your key activities, discoveries, achievements and aspirations to engage partners in spreading the word about who you are and what you do.


(Working with Arlene Blum at the Green Science Policy Institute)

— Press release: Consuming toxic chemicals with our fast food?

— Press release: Chemicals that Outlive and Harm Us

(As Director of Public Affairs at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development)

— Press release: Global, Collaborative Approach Yields Significant Gains

—Press release: Cracking the Code of Brain Development

(As VP of Marketing & Communications at the Brain & Behavior

Research Foundation):

— Advertisement: NY Times full page ad

—Article in Press: International Innovation Article

"I have said that Laura broadened the appeal (and comprehensibility) of the organization’s publications. At the same time, I have had the very satisfying experience of reporting, along with several other writers under her direction, a running account of “new science” coming out of the labs of Foundation-supported scientists. So even as the copy became more intelligible to the average reader, we were authorized to report it in its fullness. At the end of the last two years, we have carefully reviewed the (web-published) news stream for the entire 12-month period.  Both times, in trying to find 10 or a dozen stories of greatest import, we found that we had literally ten times that number to review. No director of communications at the organization has come close to communicating the totality of the science that its grants have generated in the way that Laura has. We have now what I would consider a faithful real-time account of the impact of grants on progress in the field. This serves as the basis for a very powerful case to be made in grant appeals, I imagine. It’s a major achievement." 

— Peter J. Tarr, Ph.D., Senior Science Writer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brain & Behavior Research Foundation