Raise Funds

Who else cares about your mission? How can they support your vision? 

Many people want to get involved with something, want to make a difference, and are at a loss as to how to do so. Letting people know how they can help and asking for it —  is a gift.

I bring your story to life and create substantive “asks” through appeal letters, videos, events and event materials, annual reports, social media campaigns, and more.


See samples of fundraising letters, event materials and videos I developed:

(As Consultant for Friends of Ridhwan)

Friends of Ridhwan year-end fundraising letter and videos

(As Director of Public Affairs at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development)

 Grant submission and press release  

(As VP of Marketing & Communications at the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation)

Appeal letter

Research News Update for Foundation Donors: Post-Prozac

Fundraising event booklet

Fundraising  campaign booklet

"As a consumer of the organization’s publications and mailings, I have been keenly aware of the vast step up in production values and the use of graphics under Laura’s direction.  It seems almost like night and day.  This was a sore spot previously – appeals letters and event invitations that were very old fashioned and graphically uninteresting.  No longer.”

— Peter J. Tarr, Ph.D., Senior Science Writer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brain & Behavior Research Foundation