Communication brings forth what can’t be seen.
Excellent communication bridges what is important to know
with those who benefit from knowing.  It connects.

"First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak." – Epictetus




Connect to the “soul” of the organization or project


Connect the organization's offering with those who benefit from it


Develop clear written content across print and online platforms



Tell a powerful story that ignites participation


Extend the reach through advertising, media and PR

"Everyone I have worked with at the organization [Brain & Behavior Research Foundation] has been deeply sympathetic to the subject matter and mission, but Laura really distinguished herself by figuring out how to translate our enthusiasm and commitment into an effective communications strategy. Equally important, she was highly effective in implementing it."

Peter J. Tarr, Ph.D., Senior Science Writer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Materials include industry landscapes, competitive mapping, mission and vision statements, brand strategy, marketing plans, elevator pitches, speeches, website redesign and content, (e)newsletters, presentations, videos, and more.



"Laura has had an enormous impact on BBRF [Brain & Behavior Research Foundation] in terms of fundraising, awareness, branding, participation, and effective and accurate interaction with both the scientific and lay communities. She is a great communicator and I am confident her skills will translate powerfully to any new challenge she undertakes."

Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D., D.H. Chen Professor, Stanford University Department of Bioengineering and Department of Psychiatry; Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Scientific Council Member

I was trained as a brand manager by the best in the field, starting as an assistant brand manager on M&Ms at Mars, Inc., one of the most strategic branding companies in the world (and fun!). My training continued at Colgate-Palmolve and Unilever, where I led cross-functional teams to develop new product innovations and create breakthrough marketing messaging. I also had the enriching and joyful experience of conducting market research all over the world, learning about cultural differerences and human sameness, and developing the habit of always creating with live insight into what is needed and wanted.

I left the corporate world and took my business and branding toolkit to the nonprofit sector where I led the rebranding and communications strategy for the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Working in the nonprofit sector taught me about working with heartfelt dedication to a cause. Now I work with mission-driven organizations to help them clarify their vision, identify unique opportunities, and effectively deliver their messages and offerings to those who benefit.

My process centers around extracting the essence of an organization or project and expressing it fully in the world. Organizations succeed because they offer something that meets a real, unmet need and I help make that connection.

Thanks to an international MBA, I have worked in both the US and Europe, and led this process across diverse cultural boundaries. I am passionate about helping mission-driven organizations succeed, and specialize in translating complex information—such as scientific research, financial jargon, medical innovations, spiritual teachings—into concrete, engaging messages.


Please reach out if you're looking for support building your brand or honing your marketing messaging!  

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